August 20, 2012

Hello All

I had some more good experiences this week. We taught quite a bit of lessons this week. But the good experience for the week happened this Saturday. I was on a trade-off with the Zone Leaders on Saturday, so it was my first time in my area with someone who didnt know the area. So I had to lead every activity we did and get around. I did really well. I was surprised how well I knew the area. I never needed to get around on my own before. So I was with Elder Marshall who is another American from Arizona. In the morning we went to follow up on a potential who we had taught a lesson to and was really interested. We were planning on setting a Baptismal Date, but when we talked to her, she said she was not interested anymore and told us to go away. So we left. And as we were walking down the street a miracle happened. An older lady came running towards us saying "Stop! I have been praying and I think you two are the answer to my prayers." We were both really surprised and we went to her door step and taught her a 15 minute version on the Restoration. She said she had been praying for years to find a church to accept her, and she saw us walking and thought we were the answer to her prayers. The spirit was really strong as we taught her. She said she went from being in a really bad, negative mood into a very happy mood. She knew that God had answered her prayers. She said she never worked on her garden, but she felt like she needed to today. If she was not outside working on her garden, she would have never seen us walking down the street. It strengthens my testimony that missionaries are led to places and to people who are ready to hear the gospel. There is no way that it is a coincidence that she was working on her garden right at the time we were walking by. The Lord inspired all of us to be in that place at that time. She then went to church on Sunday and she also came to our baptism. She said it was all Amazing. We are going to try and set a baptismal date with her on Tuesday. It is true that God does inspire his servants. That was definitely a testimony builder. Her name is Kathy
So we had the baptism on Yaige Taito yesterday. His uncle baptized him and he is really excited for church and everything. This Saturday we have Blake's Baptism. Both his parents are less active members and he is really excited to be baptized. Then on Sunday we have the baptism of Sandy and 5 of her kids. They are all really excited and I am really excited! Well that is my week. I miss you all and I hope you all have a really good week.

Elder Kyler Powelson
           Elder Powelson  Yaige's Uncle  Yaige Taito  Elder Oto