July 25, 2012

Hello all,

The reason why I am writing on a Wednesday instead of a Monday is because once every 6 weeks one of our P-Days is on a Wednesday so we can go to the temple. So today was my first day going to a temple outside of the United States. It was a good experience and I have some pictures attached. The pictures are of me at the temple and one of the is me standing at the bridge with the City of Brisbane behind me. We spent some time looking around the city too. It is about a 1.5 hour train ride to the city to go to the temple from Ipswich. It was fun. This week was a miracle week. We have tracted into lots of people interested in the gospel and we have scheduled 7 people to be baptized in August. One of our investigators that we found tracting is named Sandy. She is a single mother and has 8 kids, and 5 of her kids are over 9 years old. She was a miracle. We tracted 3 houses the day that we found her and after teaching her twice she shared an experience with us which is really cool. She said the day before we knocked on her door she was praying and wondering what she needed to do with her life. She said we were an answer to her prayers when we knocked on her door with smiling faces and excited to share the gospel with her. She said the gospel is just what she needs in her life right now. So we were sharing the Plan of Salvation with her and when we got to the Celestial Kingdom part we said the only way to live with her family, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ in the Celestial Kingdom was to be baptized. After saying that she said "I want to be baptized and I want all my kids to be baptized too. It was a really good experience and the spirit was really strong in our lesson. The coolest part of being a missionary is sharing the simple messages of the gospel and seeing how it touches the lives of people. So we are going to continue teaching her and her family until the end of August when they are going to get baptized. Its really excited to have an investigator commit to baptism and see the gospel touch their life. The 1 other baptism we scheduled was also somebody we tracted into. We knocked on their door and the lady who answered the door said that her and her husband we both baptized when they were 8 years old but don't remember the last time they went to church. So they have a 10 year old son named Blake, and he wants to get baptized, so we are going to baptize him in August also. His parents are also going to start coming back to church. Which is good. Those are the really good experiences I had this week. We also did lots of tracting as always, and we are going to be teaching a lot of people within the next week. So I am pretty excited. The missionary work is going well. I am used to the Australian culture by now. I can now talk a little bit in the Samoan language. The members here are really great and I get along with all of them really well. All is well with me and I am having lots of good experiences here in Australia and I hope everyone is doing well back at home.
Elder Kyler Powelson