December 31, 2012

Hello all,

My week was really good with Christmas. I got to skype my family on Christmas and it was really great! Then on the day after Christmas I didn't do much of anything because we were not allowed to work because everyone goes crazy the day after Christmas and it would make people angry if we were to go out and try to do something. On Thursday we tracted all day with no success, but then we tried some other new things later in the week. On Friday we focused on finding some former investigator. We had a lesson with two of them, and we will see if we can continue teaching them. We then worked with less active members for the rest of the week. We worked with a lady named Sister Starkey and her children and they came to Church yesterday. I hope they continue to come. It is great to see that people you visit and share spiritual messages with do come back to church sometimes. So I felt pretty successful with them coming back. Then the other two we are working with haven't been to church in over 16 years, so they want to learn everything over again before they come back. So I hope they decide to come back to church sometime soon. That was basically the work we did for the short week we had. Qayyum should be coming back from his holiday soon. So we will probably start preparing for his baptism that will be next week. While tracting this week we ran into some crazy outback guy. He doesn't use computers or anything he just uses the nature. Its funny though because he lives in the middle of the city in a house with a bunch of trees around it. I don't know how outback he was but he was pretty crazy. He tried to give us some alcohol and it was pretty interesting talking to him. He was hilarious and you could tell he was drunk and he wasn't all there. He was about to go catch some fish though. So we didn't bother him too much. Its hard to describe that experience with him. Then later and older couple came to us and they kept asking us Law of Chastity Questions and the old guy kept offering us rum, and he wasn't taking no for an answer, So we just told them we had a lesson to get to and we got away from the situation. Ive never been offered alcohol until it happened twice this week. That was about it for the interesting stuff that happened this week. It was basically just regular missionary stuff for the rest of the week. We are working hard and this area is going to start taking off. We hope to set some more baptismal dates soon and we will hopefully be filling up our teaching pool a bit more this week. We are teaching about 12 lessons a week. Which is a lot for the Australia Brisbane Mission. some people are lucky to teach 3 lessons a week. It all comes down to how you work the area though. I am doing well and I love being a missionary and good things are happening with me. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson