June 25, 2012

This week flew by. I leave for Australia in exactly a week!! I am way excited! I got my travel plans on Thursday and the flight is going to be super long. It starts with a flight from Salt Lake City to LA. In LA we have a 6 hour layover. Then we get onto a flight to Melbourne Australia which will take 14 hours and then after that we will get on a flight to Brisbane which will take only an hour. My MTC experience is going great. Everyday is basically the same. Our days are all planned out for us and we have stuff planned for 16 hours of our day. The MTC is great but I am definitely ready to get to the mission field. The mission president seminar where they train all the mission presidents is this week, so there have been apostles in the MTC. I have not seen any of them yet. The security is super high when they are here. On Tuesday there is a special devotional where President Monson, President Uctdorf, and Elder Bednar are going to be speaking, so I am really excited for that to happen! It is always excited to go to the temple as a missionary. We go every morning before our P-day and it is always such a good experience. I have been in the MTC for less than 2 weeks but I have learned so much about the gospel. It is crazy how much you can learn in such a little time. I really like the teachers I have and they have taught me so much. There really is not much to say about this week. I go to lots of classes and devotionals. The spirit is so strong here I love it. It is so cool to talk to all the missionaries here because all the people in this place go all over the world. In my district there are 8 of us. There are 3 of us going to Australia and the other 5 are going to Tampa Florida. There are also 2 districts in our zone who are going to Hong Kong and they like to practice their Chinese on us. In sacrament meetings they give their talks and prayers in Chinese and it is cool how you can feel the spirit even though the rest of us have no idea what they are saying. Some of the best spiritual experiences I have had are when I am studying and teaching lessons. When I got set apart as a full time missionary I started to feel a lot different. The difference was the spirit giving me more power. They tell us that missionaries are entitled to receive revelation on an hourly basis about they people they teach and the things we need to learn about. I have experience this. It is crazy how much revelation I have received about the investigators that i teach. Even as I have read through my scriptures the spirit has told me lots of things I have needed to know. It has been an amazing experience in my life!! I am really looking forward to teaching real investigators and receiving revelation for them and changing real peoples lives. All the people you teach at the MTC are volunteers to help us out, but I am way excited to teach real people and touch real peoples lives. I have a testimony that this church is the true Church and that I am called of god to serve a mission. I encourage all that are thinking about serving a mission to definitely do so. I have not even been on my mission for 2 weeks and I have already learned so much and had some of the coolest experiences, and I am excited to get even more amazing experiences in the next 2 years. So the people that read this, If you thinking about not going on a mission, go on one. I testify that it will be one of the best experiences of you life and you will be blessed. I love and miss you all, and I hope all is well with you.
Elder Kyler Powelson

PS. Missionaries love letters, so while I am still in the MTC it is free through dear elder.com. and It isn't too expensive to send me a real letter when I get to the mission field. I want to hear from everyone while I am on my mission.