June 30, 2012

Hello all,

I have my P-day today because I am leaving on Monday! I am really excited and really nervous to be halfway across the world. Not much has happened in the last few days. We have been having lots of classes and workshops to prepare us to enter the field. I have learned a lot from them. On Tuesday we had a special devotional. President Monson was supposed to be there but he couldn't because of something he had to do. But the devotional was done by L. Tom Perry and was really good. He talked a lot about the different statistics in the church and it was really interesting. He related all the statistics back to missionary work at it was really good. Also sitting on the stand in that meeting was 10 of the 12 apostles. All of them were there except Boyd K. Packer and Robert D. Hales. When they walked into the room it was really awesome. They brought a strong spirit with them when they entered the room. It was way cool. That was to coolest thing that happened this week. I leave on Monday and I'm really excited to get the the field but i will miss the spirit and all the good experiences here at the MTC. I will probably not get anymore mail while I am here after today and maybe Monday morning so all the people who want to write me letter will have to start sending the letters to my Australia Address. So if you send a letter to the MTC within then next couple days I probably wont ever get it, so if you do that, you will need to send them again, all the way to Australia. The best way to send letters to me while I am in Australia is my USPS mail. The postage is only $1.05, and it only takes less than 2 weeks for mail to get there or that's what I have been told. Once I get there they might tell us a better way to have people send me mail, but that way will probably be your best bet for mail. I am having good experiences here and the MTC is a great place. I am Australia bound in just 2 days!!
Elder Kyler Powelson