September 17, 2012

Hello all,

This week has been both good and rough. All of our investigators either decided to stop learning from us or decided to go to New Zealand for the School Holiday. All the schools in Queensland have a 2 week break so lots of people have been going on vacations. So this whole week was trying to find people to teach and try to visit some less active members and just finding more people to teach. But we will have some more success coming. Anyways that is pretty much our week until Sunday. Then Sunday was a really good day. We baptized one of our investigators named Khayla Gibson. She has been taught since before I came here. Her boyfriend is a member in our ward. And she has been a really good person to teach. I love being a missionary because it is cool to see how much someone can change just because someone brought the gospel into their life. She was an example of someone who gained a testimony of the gospel and changed her life around after that. She changed to friends she hung out with and totally changed her whole lifestyle. Which is cool to see as a missionary. It was a really good baptism the whole chapel was full of people supporting her. After the baptism, right before the refreshments Max, her boyfriend proposed to her and they are planning on getting married in the Brisbane temple in a year. So it was a pretty cool experience to see. Serving a mission has been a big blessing for me because I will remember all of these experiences for the rest of my life. This week is my companions last week on his mission, so the mission president gave us permission to visit some of his old areas this week. So between some of the lessons we have this week, we are going to be traveling around some of the areas of the mission. So this week will be mainly visiting his other areas and seeing his converts. So it will be a good week. So on the 25th I will receive a new companion. I don't know what to expect, but we will see. I am having a good time on my mission and am having lots of experiences that are changing my life, that I will always remember. I miss you all and I hope you all have a good week. The members in Raceview are amazing and I am really liking being a missionary here. I hope everyone has a good week and maybe I will have a few more stories in the next coming weeks.
Elder Kyler Powelson

     Elder Powelson Khayla Gibson Max(Khayla's Fiancee) Elder Oto