September 24, 2012

Hello All,

This week was my companions last week on his mission, so he went with one of our zone leaders to all of his old areas instead of me. So I went to the other Zone Leaders area and we worked in his area. So I served in the Brassall Ward for a week. His name is Elder Marshall and he is from Arizona. It was nice serving with another American for a little bit. Tomorrow is the transfer meeting, so that is when I find out who my new companion is going to be, so I will let you all know who he is in the next email home. I'm kinda nervous to see what happens. But I love the area that I serve in, even though it is hard to understand some of the members, but they show love and respect towards me and treat me like a king which is really good. Even the people that have gone to the break off Samoan church take care of me greatly. First the break off church is a break off of our Church. About 5 years ago they took away all of the Samoan speaking wards and made them all English wards. Lots of the Samoan people didn't like it so they started their own break off church where they meet and do everything in the Samoan Language. They don't seem to realize that they have no authority to do the things they do and they are just wasting their time going to those meetings. They think since they hold the priesthood, so they can still have the authority to bless and pass the sacrament and to baptize people. We visit them to try and encourage them to come back to the church with the authority. We went to one of their houses to share a message and have a talk. Right when we knocked on the door they were eating lunch and they all stopped eating their food, set a place for us and had us eat. The respect missionaries so much that the missionaries eat, and then everyone else eats. So mom, don't worry about me, the members take care of me really well, and I love this ward. At this lunch I tried some new food. I had raw fish, and Octopus. They cut and clean the raw fish and then they soak it in coconut cream. So all the bad stuff is cleaned out somehow and it tastes really good. I really enjoyed it. The octopus was also pretty delicious. Ive tried some crazy foods since Ive been here, and it all ends up tasting really good. A family told me that next time we come over they are going to have me try some Dog. Yes, Dog. I'm kinda nervous, but they said it tastes like beef, but better. So I will make sure to let you all know how that experience is.

So I didn't do any work in my actual area this week, but next week there is going to be lots of work getting done. I am hoping to set a couple more baptismal dates. One more of Sandy's kids are getting baptized on the 7th of October. Its good to hear from all of you and see how your week goes. This week is going to be eventful so I will let you all know of the events this next week.I miss you all and I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Kyler Powelson