September 3, 2012

 Hello All,

This week was a really slow week. All of our progressing investigators got baptized, so now we have no progressing investigators. All the other investigators we have, don't have an intention on getting baptized anytime soon. I'm keeping my head up and I have faith that we will be able to find more people soon. I only have 3 more weeks with my trainer and then I take over the area. Our Zone Leaders said there is a high chance that I am going to become a District Leader and/or a trainer. There are 17 new missionaries coming in, so I guess I will see what happens. Since our area has been the most successful area in the mission there is a high chance I will be one of the two. We tracked a lot this week with not much success. We have some potentials but we will see what happens. That is about it for the work. This Sunday was crazy though. We had 7 confirmations and a Baby blessing in our fast and testimony meeting. There was a record amount of people at sacrament meeting with 270 people. I confirmed Sandy and we had members confirm all of her kids. It was another good experience that I will never forget. Sacrament meeting was already supposed to be over when the passing of the sacrament started. So it was the first testimony meeting Ive ever been too where there wasn't any time for testimonies. I'm am grateful to have a convert like Sandy's family. I will never forget them and I will stay in contact with them throughout my whole life. That was basically my week though. We tracked heaps and I cant believe I have already been out on a mission for 3 months. It feels like I just left home last week. I will be done before I know it. I miss you all and I hope you all are having good times. I am having a good time. I am grateful for the success I have had. Its weird to have this much success. Most people are lucky if they can get 10 baptisms on their whole mission here in Brisbane, and I have already had 8. We just have to see what will happen. I miss you all.
Elder Kyler Powelson