October 29, 2012

Hello All,

My week has gone pretty well. It was also a really busy week with other things that wasn't missionary work. But I will just let you know of some of the cool things that happened this week. On Friday we went as a zone to our temple trip. It is always good to be able to go to the temple. I love going to the temple. We continued to teach Braxton. She is getting baptized on the 17th of November. I don't know if I will be here for that or not. Transfers are going to be this week. I will find out if I am leaving or staying on Wednesday, and then I will find out where I go on Friday. So this week will be a week of mysteries. I hope I can stay, but I also want to see what the rest of the mission is like in different areas. There were also 2 miracles that happened in the work this week.

The first miracle of the week was a testimony builder that the priesthood can heal people. Sandy, one of our recent converts was really sick and had a low blood count. The next day she was going to be going to the doctor to receive a blood transfusion. So that night she called us and told us she was really sick and that she wanted to have a priesthood blessing. I was on tradeoffs at the time and Elder Sio was with me, so we went right away to her house and gave her a blessing. Elder Sio did the anointing and I did the blessing. The miracle occurred the next day when she went to the doctor. The doctor said that he had no idea how it happened and was in amazement. The doctor told her that something he could not figure out happened and that she didn't need the blood transfusion anymore. So priesthood blessings work! The priesthood is so powerful the doctors cant even figure out how it heals people. So that was a great experience for me and definitely strengthened my testimony of how the priesthood can heal people!

The next one happened when we went to visit one of our investigators, Navy. He wants to get baptized, but he isn't married to his partner, so that has been a struggle for us. He lives with members in our ward. And Sister Le Pau the member's mom was visiting from Samoa. We shared a spiritual thought and had a prayer and afterwards Her mom said that she wanted to get baptized. Sister Le Pau said that she opposed the church when she joined and that it is a miracle now that she wants to join the church. We were going to try and teach her and baptize her, but she goes back to Samoa on Friday. In order for her to be baptized she has to attend church twice. So we sent a notice to the mission office to send missionaries to her moms house in Samoa. But it was a really good experience for me.

Anyway, that was my week. It was really good. I will let you all know what is happening with me this week next Monday to see if I am transferred or not. I miss you all and hope you have a great week

Elder Kyler Powelson