April 2, 2013

Hello All,
This week has been pretty interesting. On Sunday there was a conflict with some missionaries so I was involved in an ET (Emergency Transfer) My area didn't change too much. I was transferred from the Townsville East area to the Townsville West Area. So now I am working on the other side of Townsville. It is pretty interesting to change, but I will by going back to Brisbane Area in 3 weeks. The Mission President told me that much. So I will only be in Townsville for 3 more weeks. I love it here. My new companion is Elder Pickett. He is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and we will be together for the next 3 weeks. He has only been in the area for 3 weeks so the West area pretty much has gotten whitewashed. He is a newer missionary. It is going to be an interesting experience. We get along really well, so things wont be too bad.
Our P-Day was made a day later because of Easter, Monday was a holiday because the library was closed. 

Today we went to a zoo where I pet and fed kangaroos, koalas, and all other types of animals. I don't have time to send the pictures this week, so I will make sure to do so next week. 

That is basically how interesting my week was. I have some new things I have to do.

I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson