January 13, 2014

Hello All,

My week was really good. I am really enjoying my new area and my companion Elder Nelson. We are working hard and we are finding a lot of success. Between the Part member families we are working with and the unbaptized children in the ward, and the investigators we have at the moment we have set a goal to baptize 7 people next month. We have 2 on date at the moment, but this week we are hoping to get more of them ready to set a goal for baptism! It is great to see this much success coming. Our investigator Suzanne who will be getting baptized on the 1st of February is getting really excited for her baptism. She has been taught by missionaries for almost a year now, and has now decided to be baptized. It is great to see the excitement she has about the gospel. She is making sure everyone at church knows that she is going to be getting baptized on the 1st of Feb. I am super excited for it. The other baptismal date we have is for the 8th of Feb and his name is Paul. I haven't met him yet because Elder Nelson found him while we were on trade offs, but he said that he was already coming to church and that everyone already thought he was a member, but he told us that he wants to be baptized! Those are 2 great miracles for the week! We have been finding success from tracting which is great and we have been teaching a few people that way. I will talk more about them once they become more progressing, but it is great! I love Helensvale a lot!

While tracting this week was had a few interesting encounters. Fun Fact: Australia has the 2nd highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world, so that alone makes a lot of interesting encounters with people. Most people like to drink especially on the weekends and Sunday mornings. I thought I had seen it all until we went tracting yesterday morning before church since we have church at 1pm. We approached this house and it had one of those speakers where you press the button, so we pressed it and this lady answered it. She couldn't hear us and so she hung up. As we were walking away from the house an older lady came running out. So I went back to the gate, and I will just say she was wearing probably the most minimal amount of clothing, making the situation more awkward, she tried to invite us in, I just looked away the whole time and just gave her a pamphlet with our number on it, so if she was actually interested in the gospel she would give us a call. So now I have seen something I never wanted to see. That is one of the many crazy stories of tracting in Australia.

We see much success from tracting otherwise. I love being a missionary and I know that missionary work is one of the greatest works on the earth today and now is the day for hastening the work of salvation. I know the church is true! My testimony has only been strengthened the last 19 months while I have been serving the Lord. I have seen many miracles and seen so many people change because of the gospel and I cannot deny the witness I have received that the Book of Mormon is true. The church is true! I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson