January 28, 2014

Hello All,

This week was really good. We saw many miracles. We were able to set 2 baptismal goals with the Jackson families kids, Tori and Troy, and they are really excited to be getting baptized in a few weeks. We also saw many great miracles from tracting this week as well!

On Thursday we went tracting. We had another Elder with us from the zone temporarily because of some things that were happening, Elder Saaid. But we received a referral from a less active member on the street we decided to tract, and one of the first doors we knocked on it was the referral we were looking for and he set up a lesson with us and he wanted the person who gave us the referral to be there for the lesson as well, so we are going to be teaching his family on Wednesday. After that we kept tracting and we tracted into a Fijian family who were all less active members except for the man of the house. They let us in and we had a lesson with them, and they are looking to go back to church as well, so we are going to be going back to strengthen the members and to teach the gospel to the non member man. After that we continued to tract, and then we found another part-member family where the husband was not a member. The cool thing about this is that the non member husband was the one who told his wife that they needed to start going back to church. He wants to receive the missionary lessons, and he will make a great member of the church. After we visited them, it started to rain. We were seeing so many miracles, so we decided to not let the rain win and we continued to tract. We knock on a door and a 17 year old boy named Asher answered to door. He was telling us that his grandmother wanted him to get baptized, and so he let us in and we taught him a lesson. He is really interested and we are going back on Wednesday! It was great to witness these 4 miracles and I am looking forward with following up on them this week!

Yesterday was Australia Day so our P-day was moved to today (Tuesday), and yesterday morning we were in our garage doing our morning workouts. Now, the door from the garage to the flat locks if it shuts, and so we were working out and the wind blew the door shut. We didn't have our keys or our phone, and we were locked out of our flat. In most missionary flats I have been in there was some sort of way to easily great in, but our flat is pretty secure, which is a good thing. We called the housing coordinator and the mission office and they had no spare keys, so we had to resort to going to the agency. The only problem is that since it was Australia Day, everything was closed, so the agency was closed as well. We went to a members house who was nearby and we used their phone to call some of the other elders, and they came and picked us up. We went back to their area since our car keys were locked inside the flat. We were able to fit some of their clothes and we worked there for the day and we had to wait until this morning to get the keys from the agency to get back into our flat. It was an interesting experience, but now we have learned our lesson.

We are really looking forward to this week. We are having a meeting with all the local Stakes and an General Authority is coming and the Mission President will be there to discuss the Hastening the Work of Salvation, and the Zone leaders of the stakes that will be there are going to be sitting on the stand. So it will be an interesting experience sitting on the stand in a meeting with a member of the seventy.

I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson