April 27, 2014

Hello All,
This week was once again an average but great week!  We saw many miracles.  We have been working with Troy and Tori Jackson for the last couple of months and they are getting baptizedthis Saturday.  It is pretty solid, and I am really looking forward to it!  We were able to recommit Suzanne to quit smoking and be baptized on the 24th of May.  She has done good so far, so we are praying for a miracle to happen with her.  We knocked on doors a lot this week as well.  I love being a missionary.  It is crazy to think how close the end is coming, but I am definitely going to miss this great and marvelous work.  Missionary work is one of the greatest works on the earth today.  The prophet has called us to hasten the work of salvation.  I know that as members and missionaries come together this time will be the time of greatest growth in the church.  Now is an exciting time to be a missionary.  I have witnessed the Lord Hastening his work here and I am sure he is softening the hearts of people and preparing them to be found by all members and missionaries.  Members are the finders and Missionaries are the teachers.  If we try our best to go out of our way to share the gospel with our friends and as we pray for missionary experiences, they will come, and even though some of you may not be missionaries, you can experience many miracles doing member missionary work.  I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a spectacular week! 
Elder Kyler Powelson