February 11, 2013

Hello All!
My week went well. We did a lot of tracting. We didn't have many people to teach last week, so we did a lot of tracting and were able to set up quite a few appointments for this week! Lets hope that they all go through and we are able to get some new investigators out of them.
One experience I had this week was on Thursday when we went visiting less active members with a member of the Elders Quorum Presidency. We went a visited a lady who was on the branch list and hadn't been to Church in ages. Her name is Dorothy Piper. She hasn't been to Church in 5 years because she became blind. She got in a work accident back then and lost her vision. The doctors are working on restoring her vision and she told us that she will be coming back to church in a couple of weeks with her whole family. He whole family includes an unbaptized child of hers and a 16 year old boy who lives with her and is keen on learning more about the gospel. We are hoping to have another lesson with all of them this week and we hope that things continue to go well with them. Hopefully we will be able to set baptismal dates with them soon.
Melissa is still sick so hopefully we will be able to have a lesson with her this week.
We started teaching an African family who is 7th Day Adventist religion. They are too hung up on the 7th day worship stuff its hard to teach them anything that we have to share. Hopefully they start to listen and things will go well.
We taught a few lessons with people and we will be following up with lots of them this week and we will hopefully have some new investigators.
It was a pretty slow week, but hopefully things will start to speed up soon, not that we have quite a few potentials. We visited some less actives and we are trying really hard to baptize and to reactivate!
I was finally able to get a drivers license after my wallet getting stolen in November. So once we get our car back I will be able to drive again. I am doing well and I love being a missionary. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson