January 21, 2013

Hello All,
Not much has happened since I last wrote on Wednesday. It was a really slow week. People kept canceling appointments and being not interested anymore. So we didn't get much done until Sunday. A miracle at church happened.
First, Our investigator Pierson came to church! He had a good experience and really enjoyed it. We hope he will continue to come. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday to follow up on how he thought. Not very many investigators stay at church for the whole 3 hours but he did. So he is really solid and hopefully we will be able to baptize him on his date of Feb 24th. I am really excited to see him progress until that point.
Next, We had 2 non members just show up at church. The first one is named Michelle and she just walked in and wanted to know more about the church, so we taught her a lesson after church with her and her husband and they are really interested and said that they want to get baptized, so we will hopefully be setting a date with them this week and working towards that. I am really excited to see what happens with her.
The other person that showed up to church was a girl named Erin. It was weird because we tracted into her 3 weeks ago and said that she had no interest. She ended up showing up to church with one of her friends who is a member from Cairns who was visiting. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday to answer some questions that she has and hopefully she will become a more progressing investigator!
After this Sunday I became a lot more excited because a lot more people started to come to church. I hope we can change these peoples lives and baptize them. The work here is about to increase immensely. The Branch President said that the work has never been this successful in Townsville, so it is something to be excited about!
That was pretty much all the exciting things that happened this week. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson