May 20, 2013

Hello All,
I didn't email out last week because I skyped my family instead, and I didn't have time to send out an email. But for last week I had a baptism of a 75 year old lady named Valerie Powell. It went really well and she is a very strong member and she is already sharing the gospel with all of her friends and family, so hopefully we will have some more people to teach because of her willingness.

For this week the start of the week was pretty rough, but we had some cool miracles near the end of the week. On Saturday we were biking to our dinner appointment for the night and my companion was riding right in front of me. He decided to stop and GQ these people walking on the sidewalk and me not really paying attention and not expecting him to stop, I lost my balance, my chain fell off and I flew off the bike into a pile of bushes. The two people he street contacted were a middle aged lady and a 13 year old girl, and the first thing I heard was "I want to be baptized" by the 13 year old girl. Her mom is an in active member and the girl has already started reading the Book of Mormon. We are going to start teaching them this week and hopefully set a baptismal date for June. The bike incident was an instant ice breaker, so it was easy to talk to them and start a good friendship. I am so excited to start working with them this week! The girls name is Leah and her mom is Candice. Candice told us where her sister lived who was also inactive, and since we had no records for them it was pretty cool. So on Sunday we went and visited the sister and turns out she was in real need for a priesthood blessing because she was diagnosed with a blood disease that might kill her. We gave her a blessing and she felt so much better right afterwards. We are working with the whole family now and it is going to be a great experience! All of this big miracle happened because we were willing to talk to people on the path. This strengthened my testimony in that people who are prepared and need us are put in our path so we can do good! 
On Sunday 2 non members showed up to church, and we are teaching them on Tuesday. They seemed really interested and we hope that we will be able to teach them and show them how the gospel can bless their lives. 
The work is moving forward in Redcliffe and I am really excited to see what will be happening the next few weeks here. I love being a missionary and doing missionary work. I can't put my memory card into the computers here, so I won't be able to send pictures via email. I wish I could, but we will have to go without it for a little while. 
I miss you and and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson