May 27, 2013

Hello All,
This week was really good. We didn't have many crazy miracles like last week. This week we have been working a lot with those people though. On Tuesday we had a lesson with Matt and Saphirra, the 2 non members that showed up to church last week. It went really well and I felt the spirit really strongly as we taught them the Restoration. They are really interested and they want to take their time with everything, so we are going to let them do that and get baptized when they are ready to make that commitment. I love being a missionary when I have the spiritual experiences I had in the lesson with them. 
We also taught Candice, Rachelle and Leah. They were the people we met because I crashed my bike. It went really well and Leah will be baptized in June. It is exciting and we are teaching them again this Wednesday to set a specific date for that. She seems really excited and I can't wait to help her achieve what she wants to achieve to enter the waters of baptism. It was a miracle meeting them and it is going to be really great to continue working with them. 
A few weeks ago we visited a less active member and his non member wife. They were going through a struggle at the time and I shared a few scriptures at the time. Yesterday they showed up to church which surprised us greatly because it seemed like they weren't going to be coming back, but we then saw them again yesterday afternoon and he said that the scripture I shared with him changed his life, and after we left all he did was pray and read the Book of Mormon. He said that he found his answer and that he want to come back to church, to progress in his priesthood and to baptize his wife when the time comes. It is exciting to know that Me just sharing one scripture with them changed them so much after I left. I didn't think it was going to make that big of an impact on them, but it did. It strengthens my testimony and I cant wait to continue working with Tia and Paboy. 
This week was good and there will hopefully be many more good things this week. I love being a missionary serving the Redcliffe Ward. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson