February 11, 2014

Hello All,
Today was transfer day.  Elder Nelson and I are going to be staying together.  There were some changes in our zone, but we are really looking forward to this next transfer we are going to have together.  The Hastening is happening.  We are breaking records as a zone and in our area.  It is great to witness!  I don't have too much time to write today.  We had to reschedule a couple of our baptisms because of some technical difficulties.  Suzanne is now on date for March 15th, she has some court things she has to deal with, so she wants to wait until everything is sorted before she gets baptized.  For February we are hoping to baptize 4 unbaptized children on the 22nd which we are excited for.  They are Tori and Troy Jackson, and Malani and Elicia Waka.  They have progressed well and we are really looking forward to it. 
A couple of weeks ago we tracted into a part member family.  Kara is a member, but her husband Vae is not a member.  We started teaching them and Vae is making the push to wanting to come to church and we are pretty sure we will be setting a baptismal date with him pretty soon here.  It is awesome.  There is also a set of sister missionaries that work in Helensvale and they contacted this "creepy guy" who said he was interested, they were scared to go teach him, so we did so and he turned out to be really solid.  He has Schizophrenia, but he said if he takes his medication, then he is good.  We are hoping he always takes his medication when we go to teach him.  But he wants to come to church and is really interested which is great! 
Also another miracle.  Today at transfer meeting I got to talk to one of the missionaries from my last area (Kenmore), and if you remember in past emails how I wrote about Nephi.  He was a Less Active member who flagged us down while we were tracting, when i was there he gave up smoking and starting becoming active in the church.  His partner is not a member who didn't believe in God and didn't want anything to do with us who was starting to talk with us before I left.  But Elder Emery told me today that they have set a Wedding Date for the 7th of June, and that she is being taught by the missionaries and is really keen.  So it was great to see some success happen from a seed I was able to plant in a previous area. 
I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson