February 24, 2014

Hello All,
It has been a pretty standard half week since I last emailed.  Kerri is getting really excited for her baptism on Saturday and so are we!  It is going to be great!  We are really looking forward to this week and march especially.  We are looking to baptize 4 people in March, so it is going to be a great exciting month for us!  We did a lot of tracting this week, and we found some good potentials.  We have been working with this less active man named Owen.  The rest of his family is active.  We have been going over a couple times a week to share messages with him.  When I first got to the area, he would talk to us, but he didn't really like the gospel topics, but this last week he came to church because his son was being ordained to be a priest, and when we went to the lesson he asked us a really good question, and as we gave him an answer it was great!  He never knew why his family was so happy after they got home from church.  He said that his wife and kids have changed a lot since they have been going to church, and his question was asking is it the action of them going to church that changes them, or is it just themselves.  The answer we gave him was that it was the Holy Ghost.  Since his family was going to church and living worthy to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, their attitude changed and since they had that companion, it has helped them make decisions and do the things that are promised to us in John 14:26.  We told him what we tell everyone, because he has never felt the Holy Ghost work in his life, we told him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, and if he does that then he will receive confirmation through his thoughts and feeling through the Holy Ghost.  He agreed to do so, and my goal is help him on his way so his family can be sealed together. 
That was the greatest thing to happen this week with many other great things that are going to happen this week!  I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson