February 19, 2014

Hello All,
This week was a great week!  A big miracle we saw this week was with our investigator named Kerri.  She was supposed to be baptized back in November, but she backed out the day before she was supposed to be baptized and she cut off her ties with the missionaries.  After I got here Elder Nelson decided to start visiting her again.  When we started the visits baptism for her was out of the picture for now, but as we continues to come and share messages with her and help her feel the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost started to prompt her that she needed to be baptized.  So she is going to be getting baptized on March 1st.  It is really exciting a we are looking forward to it.  All of the baptisms we had for February had to get rescheduled to March for various reasons.  The two Waka children we are teaching are going to get baptized on March 22nd and Suzanne is getting baptized on March 15th.  March is going to be a great month and I am really looking forward to it! 
This week we were also able to teach Vae and Kara.  I talked about them a couple weeks ago.  Kara is a member, but Vae isn't.  It was a really powerful lesson.  We taught him the Restoration, and he is reading the Book of Mormon.  He really wants to come to church, so we are hoping that we will be able to help him progress so he can be baptized in April.  It is really exciting.  We tracted a lot this week, and it was wonderful!  I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson