March 3, 2014

Hello All,
We had a really great week this week!  Kerri got baptized!  It was a long journey for her, but the spirit filled her baptismal service.  It was wonderful to see and to see the difference it made in her.  Some pictures are attached.  We are hoping that her husband Josh, who is not a member yet was touched by the baptismal service because the next goal is going to be to convert him to the gospel, so they can begin their journey to eternal marriage. 
We had a great miracles this week!  Last week we tracted into a girl named Cate.  Her dog came down to us and we started patting it and playing with the dog.  She told us that the dog never plays with anyone who comes to the door.  She said that when the Jehovah's witnesses come the dog chases them away.  Since the dog liked us and we were able to play with the dog, she decided to hear us out and we set an appointment for Monday.  When we went to her house that Monday to teach her, the spirit was there and we committed her to read the Book of Mormon.  When we went back on Friday for another lesson, she had read up to 1 Nephi chapter 8.  It was awesome because most people don't really read the Book of Mormon when you first commit them to.  It usually takes a couple of lesson.  She told us that she loved it very much and that she was going to keep on reading it.  We told her that she is truly being converted to the Book of Mormon and the gospel.  We hope to commit her to baptism on the lesson we are going to have on Wednesday.  It is a prime example of someone who didn't even know what they were looking for, but when they felt the spirit, they knew that they needed the gospel in her life.  It was a great experience. 
We are hoping that Suzanne will be able to be baptized in a couple of weeks and the Waka children will be baptized on the 22nd.  We are having a lot of success in many ways.  I love being a missionary and I hope you all have a great week!
I also had a good 21st Birthday.  They sang to me at the cottage evening we had on Sunday night.
Elder Kyler Powelson
Elder Powelson  Kerri   Elder Nelson