July 16, 2013

Hello All,
I am going to be with Elder Lao for one more transfer. He goes home after this one, so they decided to keep him here with me for another one. I am still the District Leader, thing are going to be great, every other companionship is the district is going to have a different missionary.
The week was pretty good. Thea, our investigator is doing really well. We taught her the plan of salvation and we had to change her baptismal date to the 10th of August. Because she needs to attend church more often before she makes the commitment. She knows what we share is true and is really looking forward to being baptized. I am excited for her and she might move but I hope that she stays in Redcliffe. I am really excited to see her change and make the commitment to be baptized.

Eddy is going well. We are continuing to teach him. We haven't been able to set a baptismal date yet, but it will be coming soon. He has to overcome some Word of Wisdom things but once he does I believe that he will be ready for baptism. It will be cool to see him change. It will take time but he is willing to change his whole lifestyle to become a member. I am excited to see the change he is going to make because one of the greatest parts of being a missionary is seeing someone change.
We contacted and tracted into heaps of people this week, it was great! We had our first meeting with the new mission president and it was great. I really like him. They told us that the new online proselyting and IPads will hopefully happen soon. He isn't too sure of when exactly it will start, but it will be cool to see. Missionary work has been great I love it. Time is going super fast. It will only be 11 months until I am home, so I am really trying to enjoy it while it lasts. I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson