July 8, 2013

Hello All,
This week was great! A miracle occurred, Our new mission president is awesome, and the Australia Brisbane Mission is going to be starting the online proselyting, and we are going to be getting IPads soon sometime within the next month! It was announced in a Worldwide Broadcast that all missionaries within the next year will start online proselyting in Church Building and receive things like IPads and other things. And our mission is going to be starting that soon. Missionary work is evolving and definitely being improved for the modern devices we have today. More people are on the computers and electronic devices it makes it ideal for missionary work to occur online. It is pretty exciting and I guess I will see how cool it is.
As far as the real miracle, On Thursday I had another missionary in my district with me on a trade off. His name is Elder Lutui from Tonga. Since I am the district leader I have to go on at least one trade off with everyone in my district. It is good to learn from everyone else. But a month ago we tracting into a less active lady and have been visiting her. A couple weeks ago we taught her niece who lives in a place called Logan which is South of the City. We taught her and referred her to the missionaries here. But when we felt prompted to visit them on Thursday the niece, Thea was there and we set an appointment to see her again on Saturday. When we went there on Saturday while we taught her the Restoration she told us that right before we knocked on the door on Thursday, she was praying for a sign that she needed in her life, and when we knocked on the door right after her prayer, she took that as the sign she was looking for and that she needed to join our church. We set a goal for her to be baptized on July 27th. She might be moving back to Logan but we are hoping that she stays here to live with her aunt. That experience definitely strengthened my testimony that missionaries are definitely inspired. Sometimes you don't notice that you touched someones life/answered their prayers just by a simple thought that led to an action. It was awesome and we are going to be teaching her. It is great! I makes me love missionary work. It makes all the hard times worth it! I love being a missionary. It is the greatest work that can be done on the earth today!
Yesterday I participated in my first group prayer when we taught some Born again Christians. One of them offered to say the prayer and then they took turns and did what they called a "popcorn prayer." It was very interesting. It came to my turn and they started nodding their heads and muttering under their breath saying things like yeah, and other things agreeing to the things I said like "Praise the Lord" It was an odd experience. I think I will stick to just having one person say a prayer in a group and for everyone else to be quiet while it happens.
We tracted a lot this week and found some good people. I love being a missionary. I miss you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson