July 29, 2013

Hello All!
My week was good! Not too many interesting things happened. After Thea moved away it left us with no progressing investigators, so Elder Lao and I set a goal to find someone to baptize on the 24th of August because it will be Elder Lao's last Saturday on his mission, so we are working really hard to find a miracle! 

We tracted and contacted heaps this week trying to find people, we were able to find a few potentials which I am excited to follow up with. We have been working a lot this week with a few part member families. 
The most exciting part is that Our Ward mission team is great. there are 15 newly called ward missionaries which makes a massive ward mission team. We are visiting a lot of less active members with them every week. A less active we have been working with name Aiesha came to sacrament meeting this week, which I was really excited about! The Pacific Area authorities have been telling us to focus a lot on less active members, so the Redcliffe ward is ahead of the game and soon there will be lots of people to teach, they just have to be found through the less actives of the church. We are also starting that new program I talked about a few weeks ago, so it will definitely bring people to teach in the future. 
I have prayed and I found out that my work here is going to be planting seeds more than anything. Some missionaries are called to Plant, some are called to Sow, and some are called to Harvest. Right now I am called to plant some seeds, so I am working really hard to do that and hopefully those seeds will be harvested in the future. I love being a missionary! and I love the work that I am doing! I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson