December 3, 2013

Hello All,

This week was pretty good. We tracted and contacted a lot. We found some good potentials that I am really looking forward to following up with this week. Nephi is still doing great! We will hopefully have some new investigators this week! Our teaching pool wasn't really progressing, so we decided to start fresh, and find some new souls to teach that will progress in the gospel!
Yesterday I got to go tracting with the Mission President! It was an amazing experience. It was only for about 30 minutes, but I tried my best to work him hard. We met up with him and the AP's and my companion went with the AP's while I went with President. I made him run with me to the street we were tracting and we were sprinting from door to door talking to as many people as possible. President Henderson is big into staying fit. He has come up with a fitness program for us to use in the mornings and he calls it "Snap Gravity" because in the morning if we wake up and get a very effective exercise period in where we sweat, it sets the tone for our day. And it really does. It wakes you up and gives you way more motivation to work during the day. But with tracting it was great because even when people would say they were not interested he would make sure they felt the spirit and made sure that God sent us there to talk to them. He gave them the most solid chance to accept the gospel. Everyone we talked to felt the spirit and still rejected it. It is sad to see, but he was telling me that if we do our best and have the feel of the spirit, that is all we can do. It was a great experience and I hope that I can do it again someday. 
There are many challenges in my mission at this time, but they are definitely making me a way better person. Our mission president tells us that our missions are the MTC for the rest of our life. They are there to shape us and make us the best person possible. I have learned so much these last couple months. I have had experiences that I know will help me become a better person in the
future, and make me more like our Savior. Earlier this year Elder Pearson from the Area Presidency told us that the mission is here to save the rising generation. 
I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson