November 15, 2013

Hello All!
My week was pretty good! We tracted a lot. We are also working a lot with our less active members. Nephi came to church again and is having us meet his non-member wife, so hopefully we will be able to start to build trust with her. He is the best and he is really wanting to return to church which is a great thing! 
We did see a miracle this week as well! On Friday we were tracting for a really long time and we were really praying for a miracle. After finding no success tracting we decided to go see a less active that lived nearby. As we were about to knock on her door this man yelled down to us from another unit and told us that he really needed someone to talk to, so he let us up into his unit and we talked with him for quite a while. He had some terrible things happen to him and he said he was praying for God's help and then he noticed that we were the answer to his prayers. It is a great miracle that occurred because of we exercised our faith and hoped that something would happen. 
While tracting this week we went to the door of some persons house, and the a lizard the same size as the one in the picture was just chilling on the door. We thought it was fake because there was no way that a massive lizard would just be chilling on someones front door. My companion decided to touch it and lets just say it wasn't fake. It fell down and hit my companion with its tail and ran off. The picture of the lizard I am sending is actually a really small lizard compared to other ones I have seen. I also put a picture of me with my companion Elder Kumar from Fiji. 
I love being a missionary! I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson
                          Elder Kumar and Elder Powelson