November 11, 2013

Hello All,
My week was pretty good! We did a lot of finding, and we have been visiting a lot of less actives. The Lord keeps giving us less active miracles, so I have decided that we are going to focus a lot more on working with the less actives than finding. Because most the time there are non members behind the doors of less active members. I will share one really great less active miracle though.

On Saturday we went on splits with the YSA, and I was with this boy named Lance who got baptized in June. He is 18 and is looking to serve a mission next year. He is really good, and is the man! We went out tracting and we said a prayer. As we were walking down the street, we decided to turn left at this street, which was the direction we did not want to go it the first place, but we followed the prompting and went. About 30 seconds later a car turned back around and the man in the car said "Hey, my name is Nephi which is the church around here, I am a member who has been less active for over 10 years and I am looking to get back into it" He isn't on the records and he didn't know where the church was, so we got his information and we went back to his house on Sunday. We had a really good lesson with him, and he will be at church next Sunday. His partner is not a member, so we will try and build her trust as well! I am excited to work with them!
We are helping out lots of less actives. We taught about 15 less active lessons this week which is a lot, but we are hoping that we will be able to find investigators through the less active members! I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson