September 24, 2013

Hello All,
This week was really good! Elder Grayson and I have been doing really well! Our investigator Alex is completely ready for baptism this Saturday and there is nothing holding him back anymore. I am really excited for it. In the last two months Alex has gone from have shaggy hair, a full beard, showing up to church in jeans and tee shirt to now having a nice haircut, no beard and wearing a suit that one of our members gave him. He is fully ready to be baptized and I am way excited. I would say that out of all the investigators I have had, he has changed the most so he could be baptized. It has been a great experience to see. It makes me LOVE missionary work!
Another person we found last week is a guy named Garth. He is really good! We tracted into him, and as we have been teaching him he says what he believes and it is always something we believe as well! We have another lesson with him this week and we hope everything will go well!

We have been tracting a lot this week. Not as much success as usual, but it has been really enjoyable! This week was the first time in 15 months of being a missionary where someone physically chased us out of his yard. It was pretty crazy. We gave his daughter a pass a long card and the next thing we knew as we were walking away this guy was yelling and swearing and he ended up throwing the card back at us. It was more funny than anything. I think we ruined his day just because we knocked on his door. We have also met some really nice people. 
I love being a missionary. It is the greatest work ever! I am excited for this weekend as well! It is going to be great! I miss you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson