October 28, 2013

Hello All,
My week was really good this week. We worked really hard. The Zone Leaders challenged us to see who could get the most proselyting hours and whoever lost has to buy the others Lunch. Unfortunately though we tied with 51 proselyting hours. We accomplished this by going on splits with the members a lot. We taught heaps of lessons and we also tracted and contacted heaps. We definitely saw many miracles, but we don't know how we are going to work out lunch with the zone leaders. We were able to visit and share messages to 14 Less Active families and we hope that we will be able to teach them some more to help them come back to church, and we are also working with a couple of part member families, and we are hoping to set a couple of baptismal dates soon. I will talk about a couple miracles we saw this week.
We started teaching this man named Reza. He is from Iran and barely understands English. It has been pretty hard teaching him, but we used pamphlets and the Book of Mormon in Arabic and Persian. He is starting to understand what we are teaching him. He is looking to join Christianity because in Iran he owned oil and had lots of money, and the Muslim people would take his oil and his money and then throw him in jail. So he found a way to get out of the middle east and come to Australia. We invited him to pray about the things we taught him, and he agreed, so we are hoping that the spirit can touch him and we will be able to help him and his wife progress.
We also taught Chris this week. ( The man I contacted on the bench) and he is really good! He and his partner are both interested and we taught him the plan of salvation and I felt promised to focus on the Atonement and tell him how he can repent and return to live with God and Jesus Christ. So I briefly taught Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. He said that we wanted to be baptized, which made me happy and was a great surprise, but the only problem is we cant set a date with him until he either separates from his partner, or if they get married. But I am really looking forward to teaching them and helping them progress.
Finding wasn't too fruitful this week, but we will keep at it. We are hoping to bring some less actives back to church. We have been working with a less active family that came back to church a couple of months ago, and they helped us find another less active family who also wants to come back to church. 
The work is progressing in Kenmore and it is going really well! I love being a missionary! I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Kyler Powelson