September 8, 2013

Hello All,

This week went really well! Alex has come a long way, we did have to move his date back to the 21st of September, but he has come a long way and just need a little extra time getting over some things. He is one of the best investigators I have had. He has become a completely new person over the last 6 weeks! He has gone from being depressed to being one of the happiest people I know. I am really looking forward to his baptism in a couple of weeks! 
We also had a few miracles this week! Elder Grayson has so much faith and combined with my faith great things are happening! We went tracting and Elder Grayson knocked on the door and the lady asked for a book of Mormon. Elder Grayson's reaction reminded me of The Best Two years movie. He was so shocked he couldn't say anything, so I had to take over because he was super shocked that someone asked for a book of Mormon. It is definitely not a common thing, but it does happen. The Lady turned out to be an in active member who left the church 8 years ago, and want to get back into it. She also has 3 kids who could potentially be baptized. Her name is Nikki and I am really looking forward to working with her and her family!

We also had an experience with a Bogan (Australians version of a Redneck) So they have cut up shorts, cut up shirts and they always have a beer and a cigarette in each hand. We tracted into him and he let us in. So we taught him and he was not very drunk, so he understood everything we were saying. He was super enthusiastic and he said YES! to everything. We have another lesson with him today, so we will see if he has read the Book of Mormon at all. It would be cool to see him change and transform his life. His name is Stuart.

We also did lot of finding this week! It was great! Found some good potentials and we are looking forward to following up this week! I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Kyler Powelson